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Impresoras de etiquetas industriales

Impresoras de etiquetas industriales comprar España ✔️ Impresora etiquetas industriales precio✔️ Impresora térmica industrial tienda✔️ adhesivas impresoras de codigos de barras transferencia térmica o térmica directa ✔️


Unlike a desktop label printers industrial printers feature high performance with 24/7 operation, reliability, shock resistance and robustness. The large, shock and vibration-resistant metal housing and easy maintenance allow the printer to operate reliably around the clock in harsh industrial environments. 

These barcode printers apply information to large volumes of labels at high print speeds and high quality at the same time. Industrial printers provide high-speed printing both at "peak" times and 24 hours a day, unlike desktop label printers or semi-industrial printers. This is ensured not only by the design of the printer and printhead, but also by the speed of "information processing" - the time that passes between sending the task to print and the end of the printing process. Depending on the complexity of the graphic to be printed, the "information processing time" can take a long time, thus affecting the overall production speed of the label.

The printers are connected to the computer via RS-232, USB or Centronics, Ethernet and some models can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.