Today’s mobile workers require real-time communications and access to critical business data to make informed decisions at the point of customer service. Many of these information workers utilize multiple devices—such as smartphones, VoIP phones, two-way radios, laptop or tablet computers, GPS navigation systems, and barcode scanners—throughout the course of a normal business day. Point Mobile PM75 converges the functionality of these devices into a single, durable, pocketsized device that delivers multi-purpose utility at an affordable price.

The warehouse is the vital core of manufacturing and distribution operations. Every minute of every day, there is constant movement of materials in, out and through this crucial business area — from raw materials waiting to be assembled or manufactured into finished goods, to finished goods awaiting shipment to distributors, retailers or end-users. The efficiency of the many warehouse functions is critical to the health of your customer’s business. Anything less than peak efficiency threatens product quality, order accuracy and order delivery times — driving costs up and customer service levels down.

The Zebra MP7000 scanner/scale combination offers aggressive scanning and minimal power draw, fantastic for grocers and other high volume retailers. Zebra built the MP7000 to future-proof your business, adding unique features to speed checkout and save space.

The MP7000 is the best scanner/scale combination to use 2D barcode scanning in both the vertical and horizontal scanning planes. These 2D barcode scanners have no moving parts, giving you near silent performance and minimal power draw compared to spinning prisms in traditional scanners. And because both scanners are 2D imagers, you can read 2D barcodes and barcodes on LCD screens with ease, fantastic for mobile coupon applications.

As Zebra’s third generation of QL printers, the QLn series extends these QL-platform benefits to the “nth” power—whether you choose the QLn320™ for 3-inch-wide printing, or the QLn220™ for print widths up to 2 inches.  Backwards compatibility with QL and QL Plus lets you upgrade to the QLn without changing media or label formats. It also allows mixed networks of QL/QL Plus and QLn products.

A new seamless, one-piece design and tempered-glass display join the printer’s rubber-infused overmolding to make the lightweight printer even more durable. The QLn printer can boost your operation’s productivity through a larger, sharper, easier-to-navigate display; faster, higher-quality printing; a variety of proactive alerts that help keep working printers in employees’ hands; and many convenient charging accessories.

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