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Monitores táctiles POS

POS Touch Screen Monitors

What is a POS monitor? This is a specialized monitor designed for round-the-clock work in retail and the service sector. Such devices are energy efficient. They are compatible with POS equipment, often equipped with additional interface ports.

Combined with POS PC, mini-PCs they make up kits for trade automation. As part of modular POS systems(such as SAM4S FORZA, for example) they can be used both as a cashier's monitor and as a customer's monitor. For different tasks, POS monitors are made in different sizes - from 10 to 18.5 inches. Separately, it is worth mentioning two-line displays that are used to show the name, price of the product and the amount of the purchase.

POS monitors can be divided into two classes - touch and non-touch. Touch monitors in Ukraine are becoming more popular, and are increasingly being used to equip the cashier’s workplace. With its help, the operator enters information, works with software for accounting automation. But non-touch monitors have recently been used less frequently in conjunction with barcode scanners and programmable POS keyboards for entering information. Now they are increasingly being used as client monitors. They are placed facing the client and the customer can see the advertisement, the amount of the purchase.

POS monitors by technology are divided into resistive and capacitive. An important difference is the principle of operation. If in resistive models solid objects are used for work - a stylus, pen, pencil, plastic card, then in capacitive models, the operation occurs when touched with fingers. Since the buttons are located in the software in a certain place, over time, on resistive monitors, operators damage the screen in the places of the most frequent use (payment buttons, package, etc.). Capacitive screens are harder to damage because the operator touches the screen with their fingers. PCAP projected-capacitive multi-touch panels are even better in this regard.

Modern frameless resistive or capacitive POS monitors are structurally adapted to work with an abundance of dust. With a frameless case, dust will not collect in the corners of the screen, the display is easy to clean.