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Terminales manos libres

 Terminales PDA “wearables” manos libres bluetooth android Robustos Industriales recolectores de codigos de barras

Wearable data collection terminals or wrist-mounted handheld computers are industrial mobile computers, which popular at enterprises with high turnover of goods and products - in production, logistics, warehouses, etc. This type of PDT is reliably fixed on the operator's forearm with straps, which frees both hands of the worker and thus allows him to perform a larger amount of work comparable with simple mobile data capture terminals or memory scanner.

To scan barcodes, a scanner-ring is connected to the wrist-mounted handheld computer, which is put on the finger and has a trigger for the decoding command. The scanner ring is integrated with the wrist computer either by cable or through a Bluetooth connection. In this way, your employee has his or her hands free for work and at the same time is always ready to collect, process and transmit the necessary information to the main server.

Industrial wearable computers and ring scanners have a high level of environmental protection and are equipped with an impact-resistant housing, which ensures reliable operation of the devices even in case of careless handling.

Thanks to these two devices, the operator does not need to set aside the data collection terminal to reach for the product, take it off the shelf or move it. All of this can now be done with the terminal, and scanning is a single click away. The user just has to point his or her finger with the scanner at the barcode, press the button and there you have it, your data is sent to its destination.

In addition, a device such as a wrist-worn terminal is great for huge inventory runs. The portable wearable computer is becoming more and more popular, especially in warehouse operations.

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