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Tablets industriales rugerizadas

Rugged tablets

The Tablet PC is an industrial mobile computer in the form of a personal tablet, which is mainly used by employees working in the field. Such industrial tablets are characterized by increased shock, vibration and moisture resistance. Such characteristics allows the use of mobile tablets in the most difficult conditions, outdoors, in the rain and at low temperatures. Industrial computers show high performance, can be customized for a variety of corporate software applications. Wireless data transfer is done via WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE/GPRS connection interfaces. They are much bigger than  wearable data terminals and not installed on trucks, forklifts and other vehicles as vehicle computers.

Optionally the tablet PCs can be used with a wireless barcode scanner or with a ring scanner to make it easy the process of entering information from barcodes.

Iterator company also has its own service center, large warehouse and carries out direct supplies of equipment from the manufacturer which allows us to offer you to buy the equipment on the most favorable terms and prices, also because we propose used data capture terminals.