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Impresoras de etiquetas de sobremesa

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Desktop barcode printers are widely used in retail and office applications. These printers are used where there is no need for high volume printing. Compact (but not industrial design like industrial printers) plastic housing, high technical characteristics and low price are the reasons for the wide use of desktop printers. Desktop bar code printers differ in the technology, the width of labels (from 54 mm to 104 mm), printing speed, printing resolution and memory capacity.

The office label printer is designed for small print volumes. Therefore, if your company plans to print no more than 2,000 labels per day, a desktop label printer is the right choice.

Also, when choosing a label printer, you need to consider the conditions of use of the labels themselves. If you need short-lived (up to 6 months) labels, then it makes sense to buy a thermal printer, the cost of which is not high.

If the labels will be exposed to friction, moisture and sunlight, and they must be stored for a long time (up to 10-15 years), the right choice is a thermal transfer label printer, which creates images by transferring ink from the ribbon to the paper.

For standard text and images, a printer with a 203 dpi print resolution is suitable. If you need to print small graphics or high-precision images, you should consider label printers with a 300 dpi or 600 dpi print resolution.

If you’re in need of help determining what fits your business, contact us right away. We’ll help you find the exact models that work with your systems and create a strategic partnership that will help you grow your business, reduce operational costs and expand your effectiveness now.