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Unlike a desktop label printers mobile printers are most often seen in stores used for in-store relabeling operations. It's also impossible to imagine a queue reduction business (the so-called "Queue-Busting") without a mobile printer, which prints a two-dimensional barcode label on all merchandise purchased by the customer.

In logistics, mobile printers are used to quickly replace and restore barcodes in the warehouse, print address labels and other information on shipments. In fixed asset accounting, especially in remote locations, mobile printers are used to print an identification label with an inventory number right at the time of inventory or when the asset arrives at the company. In other countries, portable printers are also used for traveling sales, in medical clinics.

Mobile printers, like industrial printers or desktop, come in thermal and thermal transfer versions. For the user, this means that you can get both thermal labels and the more durable thermal transfer labels. Newer models allow you to print RFID labels. The mobile printers are compact and transportable, as well as easy to work with. Both label rolls and ribbons are easy to replace. The print head and batteries are also easy to replace and we replace them while preparing for sale used barcode printers. Some models have impact-resistant housings for use in production environments and can also operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Portable barcode printers use a variety of technologies to transmit data. The printer can be connected to a data capture terminal, smartphone, radio computer via cable connection, but the most convenient is wireless communication via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The presence of special straps provides a convenient fixation on a belt or on a shoulder, or it is possible to carry out fixation on a warehouse vehicle. Additional indicators on most models provide information about battery capacity and availability of labels/ribbons.