Label printers

There are situations when the manufacturer's barcode is missing on the product or, due to some reason, the barcode is damaged or non-unique. Or the user needs to apply a unique barcode. Internal barcodes are generated by the ERP system with the help of certain algorithms on specialized devices - label printers, which can generate barcodes of various formats and print on a specially made label with an adhesive base. The range of equipment for printing barcodes is very diverse - from mobile and desktop printers that print a small number of labels to high-performance industrial barcode printers that allow printing not only barcodes, but also large volumes of text information and graphic images on a surface resistant to mechanical damage and temperatures and exposure to light.

barcode printers

Special thermal and thermal transfer printers for fast and convenient printing on rolls of label rolls are devices that are effective almost always when it is necessary to produce labels with frequently changing information, for example, assign a serial number to products, print the date of manufacture or shelf life of the product, indicate on the package the number of units of the product or the details of the recipient. Thermal printers create image similar to the printing device of a fax machine, when the printer head heats the heat-sensitive paper (labels).

Thermal transfer printers print by transferring ink from the ink ribbon installed in the printer (ribbon) to the label using a hot thermal head. The image is burned on the label at the moment when it goes between the thermal head and the pressure shaft inside the printer. The image obtained on a thermal transfer printer is more durable, it is less exposed to the effects of the environment (sunlight, high temperature, etc.) than thermosensitive paper. However, the cost of a label printed by the thermal transfer method is slightly higher than that printed by the thermal method.

Mobile printers are small in size and can receive information from main devices, such as, for example, a data collection terminal, a smartphone, a radio computer via various communication channels - Bluetooth, WiFi, cable. Using mobile printers, you can speed up the process of marking or re-marking goods/shelves. Some printers for printing labels with a barcode are optionally equipped with an external coil. There are models of printers with an internal winding ("rewinder" from the word Rewind). In this case, the printer works in the mode of rolling ready labels into a roll. The printed label roll is inserted into a manual applicator - an inexpensive mechanical device in the form of a label gun, which, when the trigger is pressed, peels off the label. It is enough for you to run such a gun over the package or box and the next label will be stuck on it.