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Impresoras de recibos TPV

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POS printers, or receipt printers as they are also called, are designed specifically for reliable printing in the retail, logistic, hospitality and entertainment industries and are part of POS hardware. You can connect them to computer, laptop, POS-system via USB, RS-232, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth. Sometimes cash drawers are connected to receipt printers.

Dot matrix printers was used before when print speed was not critical and are almost discontinued, while thermal printers offer an excellent speed-price ratio. Now thermal receipt printers simplify and speed up the customer service process. The technology is very similar as label printers use.

Smaller POS printers are ideal for retail stores where working space is limited. At the same time larger printers allow you to print wider receipts with more information and, in addition, to use larger paper rolls, which reduces the number of new roll changes. Options such as auto-cutter, partial cutter, near-end-of-paper sensor, and open cover sensor also make the printer easier to use.

We will recommend the best POS equipment to meet your needs and we supply easy-to-use devices that increase efficiency and reduce cost. We will match the printer to your requirement from the broad range of printers available.