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Today, it has become very popular to equip cash desk areas with modern POS systems, which allows you to carry out the process of customer service at a higher level. Point-of-sale terminals in Ukraine are replacing cash registers for good reason: They’re cost-effecient and more effective, while delivering you the data you need to build your operations. Modern machinery allows you to link back to your entire inventory and sales data to manage operations. POS system is either a disperse modular design (consisting of a POS-monitor, a Mini or Nano POS system unit, an ordinary or programmed keyboard) to which it is possible to connect any peripheral equipment, such as a fiscal printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer, scales, magnetic card reader, etc.

Modular POS-system is often supplemented with customer display, which shows information about the purchase or service. It is worth mention that the main monitor is most often equipped with a touch screen, which increases the speed of customer service.

POS-systems can also be in the form of a POS monoblock (for example, POS monoblock Titan-S 360), which is a one-piece construction consisting of a touch screen and built-in system unit. Such POS monoblock is installed on the counter using a special stand or can be mounted on the wall.

We sell only high-quality and reliable products; in addition, we have our own service center authorized by Sam4s the manufacturer to repair Sam4s equipment which specialists will help you in setting up and maintaining POS-hardware.